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Kindermusik Program Comments

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Review from Patty on our Online Zoom classes (May 2020)

Thank you again for the awesome virtual experience this morning. Lilly was beside herself to see you on the computer. She was so excited to set everything up and get all of her materials as you asked the kids to grab them.  She just adores you. Honestly I have never experienced a conference call with a teacher and toddlers before and it was just the coolest!

To top it off, she asked multiple times today to call you back and play music with you.

Thank you again for all of the extra work and effort you have put in for us so we could have this experience outside of the classroom. You’re the best!

Have a great night,
Patty and Lilly 
I wanted to tell you what a great experience we had with our daughter, Nora, in Miss Ivy’s Kindermusik class. Nora truly had a blast each week, and learned a lot from the class. On the last day of class, she finally helped put things away in the basket (at the start of class, she used to take items out...lol). Ivy is such a sweet and enthusiastic teacher; she has a real way with the kids. Each class had something different to offer but also reinforced the themes Ivy was teaching, like patience or helping. We loved coming to class each week. 

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for this program and my praise of Ivy! We’ll be back in the winter.

Happy Holidays!
Tara Taylor  
December 2019
Rebecca N. recommends Kindermusik at Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone.
October 16, 2018.

We love Kindermusik! It’s the highlight of our week. Giselle is upbeat and such a loving teacher. We are thrilled to be part of her class!

Christine W. reviewed Kindermusik at Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone — 5 star
December 7, 2017

A great music related class for your kiddos! The teacher, Giselle, has such a wonderful passion and a natural way of connecting with children. A fun, brain-developing way to help your kiddos to come out of their shells! My daughter and I love it!


We love kindermusik!!! I first started taking my now 14 month old at 9 months and she loves every second of it. Giselle is such a wonderful teacher and connects so well with the kids. My daughter has so much fun every week and also learns so much. I can really see how this has helped with her social skills and basic development. I couldn't be happier with the kindermusik program and recommend it to anyone who wants to do something fun with their baby/toddler.

I've had all three of my children in the Kindermusik program with Ms. Giselle.  It is a terrific music program for little ones, and Ms. Giselle is absolutely wonderful!  She actively engages the kids and makes it so much fun for them!
Mary R.
Oxford, MI
Amanda N. reviewed Kindermusik at Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone — 5 star
December 10, 2017.

Kindermusik is so much fun! My almost 3 year old little boy loves singing all the different songs and playing with different instruments! Its obvious how much Ms. Giselle loves teaching music and her kiddos! Highly recommend!

Becky P. reviewed Kindermusik
at Great Lakes Kids Energy Zone — 5 star
December 10, 2017.

My kids LOVE Giselle and adore going to kindermusic every week. She has such a joy and passion for both music and all of the kids in her class. It’s amazing to see how much my 18 month old has grown and changed while taking this class.

I can't say enough great things about the Kindermusik program!  I have 4 kids that have all participated in the program at various ages. They've all loved it and I love watching them grow. It's a great activity for any personality. My shy kids open up, my outgoing ones actually sit and take it all in, and they all STILL listen to the CDs and read the books!  The programs and the instructors have been amazing and I am forever grateful I found this program!  Wouldn't change it for the world!  Hands down a must for kids of all ages!
Cathy H.